Thursday, October 22, 2009

Images that can hardly do our experiences justice

Sunset as we leave Istanbul. What an amazing and exotic city.

Pizza in Italy. What do you do after a 7 day cruise of the Med? Eat some more.
It was a great night in Venice and the pizza was delish!

The amazing Cathedral in Palma di Mallorca

Camel riding. It looks exciting, imfortunately it was only on the pier in Tunis. Tunis was a bit of a let down but a good look of the Arab world

At Buckinghan Palace. Unfortunately the Queen was not able to receive us.

Diane and Murray atop to Eiffel Tower. A bit chilly but what a view!

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower after an amazing tour of the city of lights as well as a cruise on the Seine

Yes, we did climb the Great Wall of China!

Diane at the Great Wall of China.
Just a glimpse of its magnitude

On the Great Wall of China.
Pictures and words cannot do it justice!
While we were there we were caught up in a sandstorm. Sand that is blown all the way from the Gobi desert.
Ewan, Nancy and Douglas

A beautiful city, unfortunately a bit misty and well dusty with all the construction going on. The story goes that the bird of Shanghai is the crane... and not the bird.

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