Sunday, August 23, 2009

My bags are nearly ready, just waiting for the last of the Costa Doc,s and we are off!!!
13Th of September is getting close!

Flight and Port Times 39 Day Around the World Tour

Transport/ Flights and Cruise ship port timings.
Grand Journeys by Wilson Tours Ltd 2009

Depart Hamilton at 1600 hrs 13th Sep by bus for Auckland Airport from 14 Hammond St Hamilton (Those needing picking up from their homes just let me know and I will bring you to 14 Hammond St)
Depart Auckland New Zealand on the 13th of Sep 2009 on Air New Zealand flight Number 84 at 2015 arrive Vancouver Canada at 1415 same day.
Depart Vancouver, British Columbia on 16th of Sep 2009 at 1700 On MS Volendam.
Arrive Juneau, Alaska on the 18 Sep at 1430 Depart 2230
Arrive Skagway , Alaska on the 19 Sep at 0700 Depart 2100
Arrive Ketchikan, Alaska on the 21 Sep at 1000 Depart 1800
Arrive Vancouver, Canada on the 23rd Sep at 0700
Depart Vancouver Canada on the 23rd of Sep 2009 on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight Number 682 at 1845 arrive Amsterdam Netherlands at 1315 on the 24th of Sep
Depart Amsterdam on the 27th Sep 2009 on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight Number 1653 at 0925 arrive Venice at 1110.
Depart Venice Italy on Costa Serena At 1800 on the 27th of Sep 2009
Arrive Bari Italy at 1100 on the 28th of Sep Depart 1400 28th of sep
Arrive Katakolon/Olympia Greece at 0800 on the 29th of Sep Depart 1300 29th of sep
Arrive Izmir Turkey at 0800 on the 30th of Sep Depart 1400 30th of sep
Arrive Istanbul Turkey at 0800 on the 01 of Oct Depart 1800 01 Oct
Arrive Dubrovnik Croatia at 1200 on the 03rd of Oct Depart 1700 03rd of Oct
Arrive Venice Italy at 1000 on the 04 Oct
Depart Savona Italy at 1700 on the 05th of Oct On Costa Pacific
Arrive Barcelona Spain at 1300 on the 06 of Oct Depart 1900 06 Oct.
Arrive Palma Spain at 0700 on the 07th of Oct Depart 1300 07th of Oct
Arrive Tunis Tunisia at 1300 on the 08th of Oct Depart 1900 08th of Oct
Arrive La Valletta Malta at 0830 on the 09th of Oct Depart 1700 09th of Oct
Arrive Palermo Italy at 0800 on the 10th of Oct Depart 1700 10th of Oct
Arrive Civitavecchia/Roma Italy at 0800 on the 11th of Oct Depart 1900 11th of
Arrive Savona Italy at 0800 on the 12th of Oct 2009.
Depart Genoa Italy on the 12th of Oct 2009 on British Airways flight Number 2689 at 1355 arrive London Gatwick at 1455.
Depart Paris on the 16th Oct 2009 on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight Number 1234 at 1425 arrive Amsterdam at 1540.
Depart Amsterdam on the 16th Oct 2009 on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight Number 897 at 1830 arrive Beijing China at 0950 on the 17th of Oct
Depart Beijing on the 18th of Oct on train Number D305 at 2140 Arrive Shanghai at 0744 on the 19th of Oct.
Depart Shanghai China on the 20th of Oct 2009 on Air New Zealand flight Number 088 at 1415 arrive Auckland at 0645 on the 21 of Oct.
Depart Auckland Airport on the 21 Oct at 0800 arrive 14 Hammond St 10 am
Welcome to Grand Journey By Wilson Tours Blog. Visit the site to stay updated about anyone of our amazing tours around the world as they unfold. The blog is updated with tour news and great photos so that you can follow loved ones while they enjoy their well earned trip of a life time. The first tour for 2009 is Around the World in 39 days . Imagine 39 days of travel around the world fully escorted from New Zealand. Cruise Alaska and the Mediterranean. Discover early civilisation in Olympia Greece and Ephesus Turkey, be amazed by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and astounded by the bazaar. Marvel at the beauty of Dubrovnik in Croatia. While not forgetting a visit to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Vancouver. To finish off, a taste of the Orient, visit one of the wonders of the world the Great Wall of China, Beijing and breathtaking splendour of Shanghai.