Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welcome to Grand Journey By Wilson Tours Blog. Visit the site to stay updated about anyone of our amazing tours around the world as they unfold. The blog is updated with tour news and great photos so that you can follow loved ones while they enjoy their well earned trip of a life time. The first tour for 2009 is Around the World in 39 days . Imagine 39 days of travel around the world fully escorted from New Zealand. Cruise Alaska and the Mediterranean. Discover early civilisation in Olympia Greece and Ephesus Turkey, be amazed by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and astounded by the bazaar. Marvel at the beauty of Dubrovnik in Croatia. While not forgetting a visit to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Vancouver. To finish off, a taste of the Orient, visit one of the wonders of the world the Great Wall of China, Beijing and breathtaking splendour of Shanghai.

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  1. 8 days to go! Finished work today and looking forward to our new adventure with you all.

    Heather Diprose