Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ahhh, Gay Paris, city of lights and love!!!

We can hardly believe that tomorrow we will be leaving Europe on our way to China.
We feel like we have walked and walked the length and breath of Europe.
Our bus transfer from Venice to Savona for our second cruise went smoothly and was a chance to see the italian country side.
Our first port of call was Barcelona. A beautiful city and one that is easy to visit. Most took taxis' to visit the major sites. The most remarkable is the amazing and ornate Sagrada Familia, still under construction after 100 odd years. You may have seen pictures of this amazing cathedral but seeing it is something inspirational and awe inspiring.
La Rambla, the Spanish equivalent of the Champs Elysse, was great for people watching.
Malta was also a wonderful port with amazing history.
I think we all agree that we could have sailed by Tunis, it was what you imagine an Arab town to be, run down, dirty and noisy. Our guide was pretty average and didn't seem really interested in presenting his city as a wonderful tourist destination.
We all loved Rome, some were believe it or not, lucky enough to arrive at the Vatican just in time to see the pope say Mass and canonize 5 people!
We all enjoyed Italy and sailing with Costa but most were pleased to leave the Italians behind. Lovely people but ever so loud and pushy, and yes fambloyant!

England felt like coming home for almost everyone. We had the most amazing weather, none of the typical English gray skies you hear of, but beautiful blue skies and actually warm! Most explored on their own and discovered the treasures of London. Colleen did very well and went to Greenwich by taking a ferry down the Thames. Definitely something she would recommend to anyone visiting London.
You can't go to London without going to a show. Most went to see the Lion King and Oliver. Both shows were AMAZING!

Paris has been beautiful and last night had to be a highlight. Our tour guide Beatrice was brillant and really gave us a good introduction to this amazing city, and then a cruise on the Seine just before sunset followed by dinner at the Effel Tower. It was a bit cold and windy but the view and the meal were beyond words.

For the first time the weather was as we expected and bit on the colder side with a high of 12, but we had crisp blue skills, not a cloud to be seen. The major sites were explored more indepth. The Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris and the Arch de Triumph and of course one of the most impressive departments stores- Les Gallerie Lafayette.
We were all very well behaved and didn't buy out the store. Although Bryce and Heather had to buy a new bag! (no, not because of the shopping but infortunately their bag was damaged leaving the boat)
By the time we got back to the hotel we were all exhausted so despite the talk of going to see a show at the Moulin Rouge we all had a early night, knowing that tomorrow we are off again.

We will load more pictures as soon as we have a good connection... stay tuned!

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