Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vancouver- Here at Last!!!!

There is nothing like that feeling of being pushed back in your seat as the aircraft's engines roar to life and hurtle you airborne. Our Air New Zealand 747 delivered us safely to Vancouver and a beautiful day.

There is no doubt that the 13 hour flight took a toll on everyone, particularly the tour escorts
However, those that travelled business class look far too refreshed. Mental note to self- improve relationship with Air NZ

The bus transfer was 1 hour late but it was worth it as the city sighseeing tour was well worth it, and even more amazingly everyone was still pretty birght eyes and chipper by the time we got to the hotel- Amazing how many seconbd winds you can come up with.
Most slept like babies , there were a few that believed they were still on NZ time a woke at 3am- Ewan being one of them and felt that Monique should get up with him and keep him company- lucky she is one who can turn over and fall right back to sleep. Note to everyone don't get between Monique and her sleep!

Monday morning dawned slightly cloudy whoever the bustle of the city and the busy seaport reminded us we are in one of the most spectacular cities in the world. An early breakfast and for a majority of the group a spectacular train trip to Whistler.

Whistler is a picturesque little resort town and will be most impressive for the 2010 Olympics.
The gondola ride up Whistler mountain and then the peak 2 peak gondola to Blackcomb was most spectacular, even with the mystical wisps of clouds. I think that was the most impression well worth it.

Tuesday is a leisure day. The tour escorts the last to arrive for breakfast, with most of the group well on there way to exploring the wonders of Vancouver- Hoping to see bears and wolves, as those that stayed in Vancouver told us all with relish they had spotted both on their explorations on Monday.

Tomorrow we are boarding our leisure yacht for Alaska- can hardly wait!

Here are some photos of our adventures so far

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