Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leaving the rain and fog and into Canada

Emerald Lake- Yukon

No bears but evidence of their passage. We were glad they weren't around
when we got off the bus

Icebergs in Glacier Bay

Barry and Thelma dancing the night away.

Formal Night. Lance, Billie, Deirdre and Yvonne


  1. Hi Mum (Deirdre),
    Hope you are having a fabulous trip.
    Thinking of you and enjoying the blog on what you have been up to. The pictures are awesome and enjoyed your email and postcard. We are all looking after Dad. He is playing bowls full on. Terry & Helen are regularly calling in and Sheree & I talk to him on the phone. He did mention he hasn't received a postcard yet. Lots of love.

  2. Hi Deirdre,
    Following your itinerary, the photos on the blog look great, you lucky thing. Talked to Dick last night, he sounds fine. No bowls yesterday for him, it was raining, as it has for all this week. Sunami alert on Tuesday but thank goodness we were not affected, major damage in Samoa with over a hundred killed.