Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some of MY favourite memories

Some of my favourite memories

Rome was a beautiful day, our guide Simona was exceptional. She arranged for us to eat at her favourite restaurant. Of course typical Italian food- real Italian food! As our pizzas came out Robin looked at me and said, " I’ve never eaten pizza before”. I look at him in disbelief, how could he not have eaten pizza before! But yes, it was true. And so, his very first pizza ever was a true genuine Italian pizza. I’m pleased to say he enjoyed it.

Sri Lanka
Everyone on the bus in shock as we weaved through the traffic in Sri Lanka, buses coming straight towards us, motorcycles dashing between cars, trucks and buses. The buses racing between stops with people hanging off them. It was so scary it was funny

Tasting pineapple with chilli, umm it is good!

The elephant orphanage, seeing the elephants frolicking in the river. Then there was the amazing lunch and the vegetables that looked like green beans, but weren’t. Adrienne’s comment after eating one, “My mouth will be hot for a year!”

This is amazing, how did they ever build this? Seeing the boys’ gobsmacked in Ephesus.

This is not so funny, but poor Berwyn was so keen to visit the lace-making village in Cyprus and then fell asleep missing her tour. She was lucky and was able to catch another tour.

Adrienne, on the Greek Islands. Could she be more in heaven? The Greek Islands are heaven for our sun goddess.

Angela and her precious comments. I learnt so much…a lot I really can’t reveal. Thanks for the laughs Angela. Love your shopping style too.

That’s it. Adrienne and Emily are never allowed to go shopping together. Although they haven’t met in person yet, they are both magpies and if they were to shop together there would be no bobbles left.

The Greek ferries, what a mission. We couldn’t believe the lack of service and how they are so not geared for travellers with suitcases. Although we struggled with our bags the crossings to the different islands was incredibly beautiful.

Stockholm and looking around the Royal Palace with Janice, Yvonne and Anne, when Janice wanted to have a pick taken of herself in front of the Royal Chapel. As I took her camera and she got ready to have her picture taken, 2 Viking looking policemen came up to Janice and put their arms around her to be in the picture too. Her expression was priceless!

Simply can’t believe the calm seas we had all the way. The sunsets on the Indian Ocean.

Finally, “ I will never forget this”- Robin exclaimed as we sailed out of Stockholm.

Thank you all for letting us share your Journey of a lifetime… I hope we can explore some more of the world together in the future.

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