Sunday, May 9, 2010

Magic Greece

We are sitting here in Mykonos, looking from our hotel over the Aegean sea and the whitewashed houses drinking coffee, the sun is shining and the temperature is just right.

Greece is just like the postcards that you see.
Samos was lovely but so far Padros was the most impressive. Our hotel was on the waterfront with a typical windmill just across the road. Each room had a view of the sea and the windmill. Our hosts were delightful, Maria and Cornelius. We were all invited to join them for Ouzo and nibbles as the sun set.
What can be better than ouzo, olives, tzatiki and bread overlooking a magical setting?

The villages on the island are exactly as you expect of a Greek Island. Most of us explored the village of Lefkes. A quiet little village overlooking the island, with white washed streets and with beautiful healthy cats as the only ones wandering the streets. We stopped under a tree only to be warmly greeted by a lovely greek lady who served us local white wine, which was delicious and then the most amazing greek salad. Needless to say the food is fresh and the most delicious food we have tasted.

Unfortunately, a few of us have come down with a 24hour stomach bug, but everyone is right now.

I'm sorry for not posting any more pictures. Internet access is difficult. However as soon as I can I will get some more pictures up.
Today is Ios and tomorrow Santorini.

We are wathcing the volcanic activity and trusting in our good luck so far that it will not interrupt any of our travel plans.

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