Monday, November 30, 2009

Middle of the Indian Ocean

Kusadasi seems a distant memory as I type this up date from the middle of the Indian Ocean, our apologies for not updating our blog earlier, as you can imagine the internet on the ship is sometimes a bit of a challenge.

It’s amazing to think it was a week or so since our visit to the Egyptian Museum, which was an eye opener for most of us. The tomb of Tutukamin was fascinating. The pyramids were fascinating and awe inspiring, if not only for the pyramids but for the exotic people with camels and donkeys. I think most of us were surprised that they were so close to the city of Cairo and in fact the slums of Cairo were just about in the backyard with butchers and shabby homes. Anais and Maya had the pleasure of a camel ride around the pyramids. To think they were wandering in the Sahara desert around the Pyramids!

Safaga and the Valley of the Kings was beyond description, we had the most amazing guide. Hussam was passionate about Egypt, he was imaginative and organized for us a ferry ride across the Nile and dinner for us, all beyond what we had organized. Definitely one of the best guides we have ever had.

Passing through the Suez was fascinating, so many ships, and a stark contrast as the passed the Sinai desert and oasis. It is hard to imagine how anyone can survive in such a climate. We did get to see Bedouins as they actually live, wandering the desert with their camels. Unbelievable that that way of life still exists and wonderful too.

We have safely passed through pirate alley. The men have been excited to see the naval ships and the helicopters and Orion fly by making sure we are safe. Personally I think the reason they flew by us was to see the women the deck sunbathing! Some were disappointed we did not see any pirates.

The weather has been spectacular throughout and as we cruise the Indian ocean we have all gotten into the rhythm of cruising and are also looking forward to our next port of call, Sri Lanka.

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